After creating an infographic that truly stands out, designers usually question ‘what next?’ The answer to this question is easy when you own a website, where you can showcase your work. But at times designers who do not have such a platform get worried as they do not know where to publish their work.

For all those talented designers who are looking for a platform to submit their exceptional designs, we have complied a list of top 10 sites, where you can send in your work and get it published.

1.  Visually

Visually is a name that you can totally trust when it comes to publishing your work. Due to their advance e-marketing techniques and blogging skills, they are one of the best places to submit your infographic designs. Along with the submission and sale of your infographic, Visually also offers analytical tools that helps in quantifying the viewership and demographical data of your work.

2.  Fast Company

Fast company has been topping the leader board for last several years, mostly because of their innovative blogging ideas. They have this unique trend of doing ‘Infographic of the day’ section, where new infographics are published daily.

There is no submission feature on the Fast Company but directly contacting the administration with some quality work can give you a chance to get your work published.

3.  Infographic Reviews

As the name says, Infographic Review is yet another great place to showcase your work. At Infographic Reviews, your work is shared and then true response is given accordingly. This site charges $30 for accepting your work. The most commendable work gets a chance to be displayed on the front page of the website.

4.  Reddit

If you want to make your infographic go viral then Reddit is your destination. Get reviews on your work from some of the most experienced designers on the web, and receive a response that you always wished for.

5.  Daily Infographic

If you can spend some bugs to promote your infographic then Daily Infographic is a platform to put your money in. Mostly known for its strong viewership, Daily Infographic allows users to display their work in front of thousands of viewers daily.

6.  Slideshare

We usually think of Slideshare as a website for sharing presentations and slides only. On the contradictory, Slideshare is also ideal for sharing infographic designs with a massive audience.

7.  Cool Infographics

Cool infographics is another site for young designers to promote their work. Using their social contacts and media integration, Cool Infographics promotes your designs in the best possible manner. You can submit your work to Cool Infographics free of cost and get a motivating response.

8.  Love Infographics

If you are truly in love with creating new infographics and promoting them, then Love Infographics is simply your thing. You can not only publish your work here but can also browse through some of the most fascinating infographics.

9.  Infographaholic

Infographaholic is among those sites on the web that have the highest number of viewers and traffic. The user friendly interface of Infographaholic makes publishing designs easier and quicker. Infographaholic has many categories for infographics that make your work easily accessible.

10. Mashable

Mashable is one of the most renowned sites that’s known for its versatility and unique content.  Designers can make their work go viral by submitting their designs to Mashable. Being the leading source of information, their work can get more attention and appreciation.