Data Visualization is rapidly becoming the preferred means of communication in today’s digital world. To appease shorter attention spans, marketers must find new and exciting ways to share ideas with their target audiences. Infographics are fun and easy to digest when executed correctly.

Here are six must-have elements to include when creating your very own branded infographic:

  1. Descriptive Title and Subheads

Infographics simplify lengthy or complicated data by presenting it into a visually pleasing package. You want readers to know what they’re looking at right away by including a descriptive title and subheads.

  1. Informative Statistics

Informative data puts the info in an infographic. Make sure your statistics are valuable, relevant, and of course, accurate. Attribute all facts to the reputable sources from which you pulled them.

  1. Bold, Thematically Appropriate Color Scheme

Choose a bright color scheme that aligns with the message you’re trying to communicate. Infographics should do more than convey information, and they should also invoke a certain feeling. If your infographic is on the lighthearted side, avoid dampening the mood with dark colors.

  1. Eye-Catching Graphics

Aside from being interesting and informative, infographics should also be eye-catching. After all, you’re competing for the attention of a digital audience with more than a few choices when it comes to sourcing information relevant to their interests. Make yours the standout favorite.

  1. Organized, Sequential Story

People don’t just want to scan through a bunch of data that they could find themselves with a quick Google search; they want a compelling narrative. Infographics should be structured and intentionally ordered, allowing the reader to digest the information they contain within the proper context.

  1. Specially Highlighted Facts

Make sure to highlight the most pertinent facts in your infographic by formatting them uniquely. Whether you choose to highlight, increase the font size, or bold the typeface.