Privacy Policy

Taking care of your privacy is Infographic Design Studio’s primary priority. Here we have mentioned all the essential clauses with respect to our privacy policy. It includes details regarding the processing of your personal information, involvement of a third party, cookies, legal agreement, etc. We recommend you to go through all the information provided here carefully, and then continue using our website and services.

Infographic Design Studio holds the rights to add, delete or change these privacy policies at any time without giving any notice to its visitors. In order to keep yourself updated, you are advised to visit this page frequently.

Your Personal Information

When surfing our site or placing an order at Infographic Design Studio, we might ask you to provide us with some of your personal information. This may include personal details such as your name, email address, and your credit card details. We inquire such details in order to process your order or customise your design as per your company’s logo and branding colours.

Your personal information is always safe with Infographic Design Studio and only our official designers and members are allowed to view your details. Your data is collected only after you have given your consent for the further process. However, if you are not comfortable, you can even refuse to provide us with your information.


We do use cookies on our website. Cookies help us to improve the site surfing experience of our users. These are small data files that are stored on the devices that are used to access Infographic Design Studio’s website. They help us to present you with content that is relevant to your search. Cookies don’t sat in your device forever. Each one of them comes with an expiry date and get deleted automatically after a certain period of time.

Third Party Links

Infographic Design Studio does not share any of your personal information with an external organisation or third party. We keep all our client’s data very confidential.

Importing Data from Your Website

Depending on the package and type of service you are opting for, our designers might use your website content for customisation purposes. The common things that we might import from your site include your company’s branding colours, the tagline of your logo, content from your website, or content from any of your previous publications. However, when taking information from any of these sources, our team always provides a reference link in the end to give you acknowledgement.

Legal Agreement

Once you have released the payment for our designs, you have the copyrights to own and publish them the way you want. You can register our logos and other designs under your brand’s name and claim their ownership. However, Infographics Designers offers no registration services under their name.

Note: Infographic Design Studio holds the right to make changes in its privacy policies without giving any prior notification to our customers. Any changes made to the Privacy Policy will be updated here. The changes made will be implemented here as soon as possible.