As one of the best ways to communicate, info graphics have gained quite a lot of popularity in the last few years. You can easily attribute a large part of this popularity to social media. Given the widespread use of info-graphics on social media, you might think they were tailor-made for the platform.

But info-graphics have been around for a long time and have seen use across industries. The ease with which you can use them to transmit large quantities of information, even quite complex data, while making it easy to understand is why they are so widely used.

When made well, it is easy to see how an info-graphic would be widely shared and gain popularity beyond its original target audience. So, here we will look at a few ways that you can improve the chances of your info-graphic gaining success on social media.

Great Headlines

Infographics are widespread, and they are often shared on social media saturating the field. And with the speed at which people lose concentration on social media, your infographic must stand out and keep the target audience’s focus right from the start.

A great way to do this is to have a clever headline that will grab your audience’s attention and give them a reason to check out your infographic. For some ideas on making a great headline, try keeping it concise and focusing on something that will interest your audience. A short, sharp headline will work wonders, especially if it highlights a part of your infographic that is particularly compelling.

Recent and Relevant 

One thing you should try your best to do when attempting to create a successful infographic is to ensure that what you are presenting in your infographic is relevant and up-to-date information. Nothing will make your infographics, and by extension, your brand, lose credibility with your audience faster than using outdated information.

And this is more important in the case of infographics that incorporate the use of statistics and complex data in their content. That is why conducting thorough research for your infographics is of crucial importance. The effort you put in with in-depth research on your target will surely pay off and help make the next tip more manageable and easier to accomplish.

Original Information

Another common issue with infographics is that with the large quantity of them being created and shared daily, there will no doubt be some overlap. That makes creating infographics with unique content and new information critical.

When doing your research for your infographic, one thing to pay attention to is what infographics already exist that discuss the topic of your infographic. By making sure not to re-tread the same ground as older infographics, you will be able to add value to your infographic. Your audience will appreciate your infographic more if its information is new and different from other infographics published in the past.

Great Design

And, of course, you should remember the importance of design quality for an infographic; as a visual medium of communication, fantastic design matters. On social media, visuals go a long way towards impacting whether your infographic can gain traction with the audience.

But not only should the design be well-made, but you also have to make sure that the design is in accordance with the subject, copy and target audience of your infographic. Pairing the right design style with your info graphic’s content will increase the likelihood of your infographic becoming successful.

With these four tips, your latest infographic is much more likely to be successful. So, give these tips a try when working on your following infographic. For more information on making your infographics more effective, check out some of our other articles on the subject.

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