With the increasing popularity of infographics, people are making more efforts to learn this new technique and design their infographics by themselves. However, despite the wide availability of a number of user-friendly tools and DIY tips, it is not very easy to formulate a captivating and interactive piece of infographic. This is the reason why many people suggest to consult professional designer to get an infographic done. If you too are confused regarding the question about which is a more effective way to design engaging and captivating infographics, here is the answer.

In this post, we will discuss the potential reasons which will clarify and justify the fact that hiring a professional designer is a wiser decision than doing an infographic by yourself.

Reasons for hiring a pro infographic designer

There are a number of people who have this false assumption that anyone with some knowledge of Photoshop or Illustrator can easily design infographics, which is not true. Below are reasons that highlight why professionals are better.

· Fully researched infographics

Being one of the most professional infographic design companies in the UK, we know the perfect formula for an incredible piece of infographic design. It all starts with a well-researched and thoroughly studied topic, based on which a story is formulated. Unlike amateur designers, professionals don’t just get started with Illustrator or Photoshop. Instead, they spend a good amount of time finding interesting facts, recent statistic, latest discoveries, and more about the topic. Following this, they put all the gathered data into a word document and place them in an order to create a flow.

In highly renowned companies, one like us, there is a separate team of content writers who initially go through the instructions and data provided by the client. Then as per the specifications highlighted by them, they create a flawless story.

· Experienced designers

Not all designers are well aware of the intricate details of an infographic, and therefore, they fail to create a visually appealing designs. One thing that amateur designers usually forget is the branding of the product and the company’s website. Branding refers to the colour theme of a particular brand. For instance, the branding for Coca-Cola is red and white, so an infographic designed for them should have these colours more prevalent in it.

Professional designers not only take care of colours but also try their best to match the exact shade. This means, if they are designing an infographic for Coca-Cola, they will use the exact shade of red and while than relying on any regular one.

· Greater number of tools

As we mentioned before, most people know just a couple of graphic designing tools. Not only that, they don’t even how to operate them fully. Due to this, their designs usually revolve around some basic geometrical shapes which appears very basic and monotonous. However, experts know about other techniques too. They know how to import an image or character from other designs and then to modify it as per their need.

Now that you have understood the significance of hiring an experienced infographic design company, it is the time to choose one and get your infographics designed.