GIF posts have now become a popular trend on the internet, especially when it comes to expressing emotions such as sheer happiness, extreme anger, frustration or excitement in a fascinating and sarcastic manner. By associating a short movie scene or a famous extract from a series with a thoughtful idea, GIFs are able to keep audience captivated and excited about the web content awaiting them.

A simple Graphic Interchange Format (GIP) is basically a swift transition between a couple of pictures. As the picture frame changes rapidly, the image appears to be moving, resulting in a short video. Whereas the Gifographics is concerned, it is refers to ‘infographics in motion’. These memes are not just useful for entertainment purposes, but are also efficient when it comes to promoting business ideas or stating the benefits of a specific brand or product. And since people are able to relate to them more easily, they help entrepreneurs immensely to grow their business.

If you are looking for some more convincing reasons to incorporate gifographics in your marketing strategies, here are some.

1. SEO optimisation

Since it is very obvious that making a gifographics demands more time and resources than writing an article with necessary keywords, Google does give you an edge for your hard work. By giving you a higher rank on the search engine page, Google automatically increases the probability to have more traffic on your page.

2. Better captivity of audience

Motion has always fascinated humans. Observing something live keeps audience engaged for a longer period of time than just reading a monotonous blog. Enhanced engagement of audience eventually leads to prospect customers, which results in improved sales.

3. New experience for mobile users

Gifographics can easily be made compatible with mobile devices. Since most users usually access the internet through their smartphones, surfing something as amusing as gifographics can improve their browsing experience. So, for quick yet effective interaction between producers and customers, animated infographics is quite a useful technique.

4. Higher probability of going viral

Improved engagement automatically means more likelihood for a post to go viral. Since gifographics are more engaging and easily accessible via various devices such as mobile phones, the chances for such a design to be shared and circulated on different social media websites increase significantly. Becoming a worldwide trend even for a single day can change your company’s reputation, market value, and opportunity pool tremendously.

5. Variety of content

As gifographics is a new technique and the web is not yet overpopulated with them, it is a creative idea to be the first one to introduce it in your specific industry. So, take the initiative and facilitate your customers with this new engaging marketing technique.