There is no need to go through research pages or books to analyze the importance of infographics. You can get an idea by simply asking yourself a question. Assume that you are looking for a piece of information and finally come across two options. One is a lengthy text and the other is an animated video explaining the same thing. Which way would you go? Of course you will click on video. But why? Because videos are more interesting and understandable! Similarly, if you want to tell the working mechanism of a machine, a mere article on it would sound boring but if you present the same thing with images and motion, people would definitely stop to see and listen to you.

Animated infographics, also named as motion infographics are small animated videos used to explain anything ranging from educational to promotional topics. Such videos are usually found on landing pages, social media pages or are used for email marketing.

With the proliferation of animated infographics in this digital world, a BRIGHT future of such infographics is predicted. Fads and trends keep on changing with time, but no trend can replace animated infographics. Video content has always been a dominating thing and so is the animated infographics. Its significance would enhance even more in future. 90% of our mind processes visuals, we understand more by seeing and doing than by reading. Static infographics provide better learning and excite our eyes but if motion is put into it, it becomes more appealing and engaging. It is in human nature to become more inclined towards visuals in motion.

Internet supports the data associated with videos. They are more effective and extraordinary than texts or static images. It is certain that users tend to follow videos as the motion in it depicts liveliness. They are less time consuming and more comprehensive. As majority of users see to it, there is a high chance of boosting up sales, increasing traffic, engaging users and gaining more social and search traffic. Videos can be made more impact by adding music that is according to what you are portraying. Animation puts life into it thus making it exuberant. Moreover, artwork acts as a language you want to speak in. All the aspects when merged together bring out a stupendous piece.