Infographics are highly effective visual communication tools, especially popular in the modern digital world. If you want to make your own infographic, you should keep five key elements in mind. These five elements will help you design a more effective infographic.

So, let us take a look at these five elements to help you get started on your journey to becoming an infographic creator.


The narrative is the first key element to pay attention to when creating your infographic. For it to be an effective communication tool, an infographic requires a cohesive narrative. This narrative is based on the purpose for which you are designing an infographic. It should also take into account what you want to communicate to your audience.


The second key element you need to look into is the data you will use for the infographic. You need accurate and reliable data for your infographic to be considered good. That may be data that you already have and the reason for designing the infographic, or you may need to research and acquire the data relevant to the narrative you want to present. Both are valid, but in either case, you should ensure that your data is accurate and credible.

Data Visualisation

More than data on its own is needed for a good infographic, however. A good infographic uses the data to drive the narrative and presents it in a visually attractive manner. You can use data visualisation techniques combined with graphical and visual design elements to represent your data. The data visualisation here aims to highlight the data’s critical points for the audience.


The infographic’s design is the next key element you need to consider. The overall design and visual elements are directly related to the narrative and message you are presenting to your audience. You need to ensure that the design style you choose matches your narrative. The design elements of the infographic need to be aligned with your target audience and deliver your message in a compelling and eye-catching manner.


The last point to consider is the accompanying text you plan to use to provide context to your infographic. You should keep the copy short and snappy. Similar to the point about design, you should consider the content and tone of your narrative when writing the copy and ensure that you are able to communicate your points effectively.

By combining these five key concepts, you will be able to create a more effective infographic. So, give it a try, make an infographic for yourself and let us know how it goes. Be sure to check out our other articles and blog posts for more information on creating compelling and effective infographics.

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