Statistics have revealed that for every corporate job opening, a firm receives over 250 resumes on average. The application process is so quick that within the 200 seconds of posting about the job vacancy, the first resume is there knocking at the company’s door. Therefore, it is quite a challenge to stand out from the pool of thousands of applicants and secure the desired position in the company.

No matter how talented you are, the application process always starts from your resume. It is your first and the most essential step to impress and influence the recruitment team of a firm. So, what can you do begin the process with a remarkably striking resume? How can you present yourself as a creative and distinct prospect employee? One way is by making an infographic resume.

By using interesting graphics to elaborate the text in the resume, you can engage the employer with your information for a longer period of time. This ultimately increases your chances to get the job. If you have decided to turn your monotonous resume into an infographics, here a few important tips to follow.

Do not copy paste

– This rule is not limited to articles and blogs only but also applies to resume infographics. Copying your LinkedIn profile for your resume is a defaming and unwise ideas. Instead of enthralling employees, such an act can rather give them a bad impression about your working style. Especially if you are applying for any designing post, try to keep your resume as original as possible.

Do not stuff it with everything

– even if you have worked for a number of leading companies and were also an award achiever in your college, you cannot include every bit of information in your resume. It is recommended to first make a list of all your experiences, achievements, expertise, and skills on a document, and then select the important ones from them. Double check your list to ensure you haven’t missed anything essential.

Use graphics and colours widely

– Depending on the industry and designation you are applying for, you can choose the font, colour, and layout of the design. For instance, although resumes are usually written in a formal manner, but if you’re applying for the post of digital marketing expert in a company, you can include a few informal lines too. This will help them get a better insight about your marketing skills.

Search thoroughly

– If you don’t have a clear vision in your mind, you can always search on the internet to get some creative ideas about how to design an effective infographic resume.