Info-graphics are one of the best ways to communicate with an audience, especially over the last few years, when they have seen a more significant surge in popularity. And with how easy to share info-graphics, there is always a chance that one will go viral. That is, of course, if the infographic design is done right.

Poorly made infographics are easily overlooked and can hinder your communications strategy. So, let us look at some of the most commonly made mistakes in infographic design and how you can avoid making them.

Cluttered Design

A well-laid-out infographic is a good infographic. One of the most obvious mistakes a designer can make is to crowd their infographic with too many visual elements. A good infographic utilises limited but compelling design elements to support its narrative and effectively use blank space.

Creating a cluttered infographic is counterintuitive and defeats the primary purpose of an infographic, which is to make information more accessible and easier to understand. By focusing on the design elements that enhance your key points, ease the audience’s understanding and give room for the details to breathe, you can make an infographic more visually appealing.

Data Visualization Mistakes

Data visualisation is often one of the core elements of an infographic, which means any mistakes here can swiftly undermine the entire infographic. After all, no matter how beautifully made an infographic is, if the information it contains is misleading or incorrect, it has failed to do its job.

That is a relatively common issue we can solve without too much trouble. Make sure that when you are designing data visualisations, it is clear to your audience what the information presented means. A solid way to do so is to have someone else review the infographic to see that it makes sense for them and gives them the information you want to present.

Poor Copy Design

Another common issue with infographics is that copy is not always given as much focus as visual and graphical elements. That could be the poor choice of typeface combinations or a needlessly lengthy copy.

One is a design issue and can be solved by being consistent with typeface choices and limiting the number of fonts you utilise. The other problem stems from poor writing technique. Improving the copy means being more precise and using impactful language that conveys the point, pushes your narrative, and connects with the audience.


In an infographic, the visual hierarchy matters. An info graphic that lacks a clear framework that combines the narrative into a cohesive whole is unlikely to communicate effectively.

A good narrative needs a solid hierarchy to define it and take the audience along on a journey that shares the infographic’s message in a compelling and organised manner.

Hopefully, these tips are of help to you as you work on creating your info graphic. For more tips and tricks on how to make a killer infographic, be sure to check out some of our other articles.

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