Designing is about solving communication problems for your clients. However, for most designers, this is not a closed-loop profession. It is also about supporting, nurturing and giving back to the industry as a whole, and it’s a virtuous circle. Established figureheads pass down their wisdom to guide the emerging talent and creatives from all disciplines. Giving back benefits everyone. The designing industry is more productive for it, and on an individual level, such projects can aid the development and benefit the resume.

Here are five great ways to give something back to the design community!!

  1. Pass on the skills

Your skills are everything. Through teaching, you can spread your knowledge and experiences. You may also learn a lot about yourself and your process, it keeps your mind sharp and helps you avoid slipping into lazy habits. It can be hugely rewarding and satisfying. Moreover, if you do it well, you’ll help enrich the talent pool with industry ready, curious minds.

  1. Support a good causes

Healthy budgets from big-name clients may be significant for the bank balance but are not always good for the soul. It’s time to invest in charity projects and use your design skills for good. Consider taking on a not-for-profit client – probably for a reduced fee, and you can afford to do so. You may create artworks to auction off for a good cause or join groups with other creatives for a charity exhibition.

Not only is this an excellent way to use your skills to support something worthwhile, but it can also for an exciting new commercial collaboration in the future.

  1. Mentor a promising talent

Taking a promising young and talented designer under your wing to nurture their growth is hugely beneficial for all involved. Unlike teaching, you may find a new way to learn just as much as they do in the process.

  1. Give a useful talk

The design industry is filled with big-name designers giving rousing keynotes, or slightly lesser-known creative facts walking through their portfolio highlights. These may be inspiring for sure, but if you have the opportunity to get yourself on the stage, consider something with practical insight. The community will thank you, as your audience will have some more concrete takeaways.

  1. Do your bit for the world

Consider using recyclable materials and more eco-friendly inks for cutting back on the single-use plastic. Look outside of the usual silos when hiring a designer. Encourage an inclusive working environment that gives diverse talent a chance to thrive. Provide the necessary support for disabled designers, or anyone in need. The industry at large will reap the benefits.