Infographic Design Studio is one of the leading graphic design companies in the US. We aim to dedicate ourselves to find the most visually stimulating techniques that will play an advanced role in conveying your message to the audience and imparting useful knowledge to them.

Our Graphic Designers

Our talented team at Infographics Design Studio is devoted towards designing compelling and unique visuals, which will make the experience enjoyable for the audience. They are creative geniuses who go an extra mile in order to keep themselves ahead of our competitors by creating extra ordinary and visually compelling designs.

Amongst our team of talented graphic designers we have deaf and dumb designers, who can create the most commendable infographic designs. We are a vibrant team of workers and respect each other’s ethnicities and professional skills.

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Our Wide Range of Services

With this view in mind, we aim to render a wide array of services to our clients starting from static infographics, animated and motion graphics to CV infographics and translated infographics. We do this in tandem with the promotion of your infographics on various social media networking websites, and we can find the best solutions to promote your infographics.
Our infographic design company also specialises in carrying out extensive research by adding the most accurate data and facts when creating your infograph. We do this in order to achieve new and improved platforms for visual communication. We also welcome honest suggestions made by our customers regarding our work. Our infographic design company promotes diversity and equality and this is the very reason that we have the equal opportunity employer policy in place.



We aim to create such compelling and engaging infographics that will not only attract the audience but make them understand the information for which the infographic was created. With this aim in mind we endeavor to take advantage of new trends and technology that will help in effectively conveying your message to the entire world. Our goal is to build a better future where people can use visually stimulating techniques in order to interact with each other and understand complex mechanisms.


Infographic Design studio is an infographic design company that dreams for a future where the linguistic barriers can be conquered by means of effective visual communication. This will not only bring a positive change in the world but will also provide a new medium through which people around the globe can stay informed and educated. Our team desires a world where ignorance will be a thing of the past due to the rise of conveying information by the use of visual techniques like infographics. We envision our company as being an identity that will try its best to create such interesting designs that will help in the growth of our client’s business and brands as well as provide an opportunity for them to engage with their target audience. We believe in respect and consistent accountability towards our clients and actual teamwork so that we will remain the leaders of the media industry.